Monday, March 25, 2013

There's a Spring

While working on the application for the refinance on the house, I was asked a lot of questions. Some were easy to answer. Others were tricky and a few made me think back.

One of the more interesting points brought up is I made less money last year than I did the year before. The bank wanted to know why and I had to think about it.

Here's what I came up with:

First off, I fell in love and really kind of blossomed.

In 2012, I took more time off from my weekend job to do things I liked. I went to roller derby. I took time off to be with my very awesome girlfriend. I didn't take every single extra job that came along at the radio station when someone got sick, went on vacation or left town. I didn't work every holiday that came along and I used my vacation time at the newspaper for something other than a resource that could be converted into extra cash by working at the radio station.

I did that so many times because I needed the money. I needed to make a car payment, make rent, buy groceries, whatever...

It wasn't just that I didn't need to work more, I just didn't want to.

Second, I stopped worrying about whether  "Mountain Stage" would be around for another year or not.

My relationship with the show is different than it used to be. Things changed a couple of years ago and I just don't go out and review their shows like I used to. It's barely worth the hassle. It's easier and better for everyone involved to just check in every now and again, just to see how things are, than do show after show after show.

My paychecks reflect that opinion, I think. I don't go to nearly as many shows. I pulled back on other shows, too, but I see a lot less "Mountain Stage" than I used to. 

I guess I'm thinking about that because I was at the show over the weekend --not for the show itself, but for the preparation leading up to the actual performance. I lingered backstage while the crew went about their business. I stayed out of the way of guests, the members of the band and the crew. 

I tried to be inconspicuous, get my little job done and be on my way. I stayed only as long as necessary, but I remembered when hanging around like that used to be fun. It was amazing to be on the fringe of that community, to feel like I might sort of be part of it.

That was a long time ago.

At least, two years, if you look at my W-2s.

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