Monday, January 16, 2012

Resolution road: Incomplete

The veterinarian was the subject of a story I was working on, but I'd met him once before at a Halloween party where we'd all drank far too much. I think he'd passed out around three that morning, crumpled up in a pile on a couch with his girlfriend.


He had a nice house, an interesting collection of pets and a vast array of hobbies: an old car, RC gadgets, music and different remodeling projects.

Everything was kept very orderly, but it was all in that vague middle of completion with no real end in sight. Some of the projects, like the car, he'd been working on for years; since he was a teenager. Most of them, at the pace he was following, would take years before they were finished, if ever.

None of this really troubled him. He joked about how this was kind of his nature, but it didn't worry and the man was anything but lazy or distracted. Everything was being taken care of as needed and as it suited him.

I kind of admired the peace the man had with what were, essentially, things he chose to do. There was no real deadline. Everything would get done when it got done. If he never finished, that was okay, too. The point wasn't necessarily the finished product. In almost everything he did, nothing was ever going to be entirely and permanently finished anyway.

He was learning things, exploring and finding his way. I liked that.

So... another resolution. Take the incomplete sometimes, especially with things that aren't mandatory. Nobody is grading.

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