Friday, September 2, 2011

Ring Cycle: The call to adventure

Some notes about this new direction of the blog. It’s not really a new direction, but I will be avoiding writing about the future ex-Mrs. Lynch. She’s got her own thing to work through and really, this blog has really been mostly about me. No second guessing, no mudslinging and no cheap shots.

This will hopefully keep the lawyers away. Remember the lawyers? I remember the lawyers.

Also few details will be given about my marriage, what we’re discussing as far as the divorce, or our current domestic situation. This isn’t reality television, but it’s not a secret that we’re currently sharing the same house. You do that when you buy a house right before you split up, but it’s temporary.

The important take away is that so far we’re getting along very well as roommates. Space has a new importance, but the property isn’t divided up like in “War of the Roses.” Nobody is sleeping in the tool shed or their car. We still share the costs of running the place and take our turns with the kids while the other does their own thing. We parent both together and separately. I’m working more, but the move was expensive, winter is coming (God damn, where's Ned Stark when you need him?) and eventually I’ll be running a household on my own.

Arguably, I’d be working more anyway, but yes, the financial aspect of what I'm facing is pretty high up in my list of concerns: How the fuck am I going to pay for stuff?

So, really, not a lot has changed...except it really has.

While we're here, I want to head off this question: Since it sounds like we've achieved a degree of domestic tranquility and a functioning relationship, “Why bother with the divorce?”

The circumstance is what it is. The marriage has ended and while staying together for the sake of the kids, the sake of the house or the sake of Jesus sounds like the admirable thing to do, it really isn't so good for the sake of Bill and Jennifer --and it's not that great for the kids, plus the house is only a fucking house and really, Jesus wouldn't mind.

He never liked me anyway.

Finally, a warning: If I'm going to write about this, it's going to get unpleasant --maybe not plasma center unpleasant, but it's going to suck at points. It's going to be miserable and sad. That's what I'm about, but if I do this right, there will also be a couple of laughs. I'm about that, too.

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