Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cancer Man: Last one standing?

We joked that it had been a long time.

"I thought someone might have cured cancer and not told me," she said.

"I wish they'd get around to doing that," I told her and the coordinator for the cancer society agreed and said she hoped to live to see it happen.

"I've got someone who needs a ride," she said then paused. "But she's a little out of the way. She's young and lives with her Mom."

She would also need to be at the doctor at 8 a.m., which is awfully early after a late shift at the radio station. I started to balk. Maybe I could do Tuesday. Monday...

"She's got a six hour appointment on Monday, but only an hour on Tuesday."

Right, right, right... suck it up. They don't call if they don't need this. You know exactly what kind of people have to ask for this.

"Okay, I can do Monday and Tuesday."

The coordinator added, hesitantly, "She's got more treatments later in the month."

"I'll have to see, you know? See how it goes?"

The coordinator thanked me then lowered the boom.

"I appreciate you doing this. There are only two of you left."

No pressure.