Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eat your head

There comes a point when it becomes time to do new things --and this blog is an old thing. It's a wonderfully clunky, anachronistic hodgepodge of my observations, artistic muddlings, noonday confessions and general everything except math homework --but it's sort of reached an impasse.

Probably, because it has been everything, it's become sort of nothing and while I love this thing, it's time for me to put it down for a while.

This does not mean I'm quitting blogging. I am not pulling a Hippie Killer and gently going into that good night. I'm just focusing my activities in two other places. Think of it as the various members of the band going solo.

The Gazz blog I'm running, which seems to be getting some traffic, will be where I do some of the stuff I used to do about my job with music. The boss seems to be okay with me going off the reservation a bit. I can say I don't like something. I can disagree, which wasn't always the case --see Gazz blogs circa 2004.

Anyway, that's going to be the lightweight stuff --the family friendly stuff --the silly and fun stuff.

The other place... well, that's a different journey. I'll be a different guy.

I'll start in a few days. Maybe you'll find me.

Meanwhile, I'll keep the door here unlocked. I might come back one day. So, stay out of the liquor cabinet. The good stuff's in the closet anyway.

Thanks for reading. It meant something to me.