Friday, December 10, 2010

Open casting call

Well, as part of my new "let's help other writers" thing, I'm starting on the basic level. If you're a blogger who reads my blog and want to be identified with me, I'm willing to add your blog to my blog roll.

Not everybody wants this. Some people dig the sordid, car-wreck-in-progress posts that I occasionally conjure up, but wouldn't want their name attached.

Others might be fine with it.

No big promises that this will increase your traffic. I blog because I like to, not because I get a lot of visitors. 5th Column still gets waaaay more than me, even on old posts. If you've been here before, you know I don't really host a forum that leads to a lot of discussion. Comments are welcome, just not really necessary --I mean, what do you say to a guy who spends money he earned selling plasma on a Christmas tree?

What kind of lights are you going to use? I just don't leave a lot to work with.

Anyway, if you want me to add you, I will --provided your blog isn't about promoting the master race, toppling the government or gathering people to do things that would lead to felony convictions. Everything else is mostly fair game, I think. I'd prefer local, but whoever is interested, I suppose, is good enough.

Just send me a link to your site.


Corey Lake said...

Wow.. I feel honored. I was already included. Thank you!
That said, I need to find some motivation, eh?

primalscreamx said...

In your case, probably time.

Anonymous said...

You're on my roll, so feel free to add me. A proud reader of yours for now half a decade.

Anonymous said...

Did you add mine yet?

Spike Nesmith said...

I'd very much consider it an honour. With a U.