Monday, December 14, 2009


By my reckoning, I'm finishing 2009 on a positive. I did get to the gym. I did lose weight. I wrote my grandmother something like 25 or 30 letters. I breezed through and even managed to not completely flip out on my birthday.

So, I didn't get published. I did get a nice collection of rejection slips and I'm still working on my book. One of these days... I'll make it. None of my short stories made it either, but it's a pretty tricky sort of business with those. Short story publications are very rare to begin with and mine kinda sucked, I guess. When I make them suck less, somebody might want them.

I didn't make my goal weight by Christmas. So Project Captain America by Christmas gets shortened to Project Captain America. We do this until we get it done, then I'll have that stupid tattoo. I'm doing my part. I have a new gym workout and a new eating plan (not a diet. Those don't work).

Meanwhile, I'm working on what I'd like to accomplish in 2010. As usual, getting a book published and another one written are high on the list. Finishing the things I started this year would be nice, but I'm also taking suggestions for new things I've never tried. Already, a few people have suggested ideas like trying to do stand-up comedy or entering a toughman contest. Both have their charms. I've never been beaten senseless or boxed.

What could be fun is if I came up with a sizable list --a sort of bucket list-- then sort of chronicled my misadventures. Who knows? A plot and some kind of point to the thing might evolve. I could turn it into something. Crazier things have happened to other people. At the very least, it would make for some good blog fodder.

Feel free to contribute your ideas. They can't be any worse than mine --actually, mine are pretty bad. So, really, think about it.

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