Tuesday, October 20, 2009

14, 13

Again, another crazy week, but enough of my bitching. Here are the two books from last week I meant to put up, but didn't.

99 Drams Of Whiskey: The accidental hedonist's quest for the perfect shot and the history of the drink: Kate Hopkins -A fun, if not entirely scholarly look at whiskey, including Irish whiskey, Scotch, Canadian whiskey and Bourbon. Still, a nice read with lots of suggestions for drinks to try and drinks to avoid. She comes down hard on the Canadians, mostly for being unhelpful when it comes to her research, and she's perhaps a little too glowing of Scotch, which admittedly, I hate. I like Irish Whiskey, usually Bushmills and have really developed a taste for Maker's Mark Bourbon -neither of which I drink too often or ever in quantity for fear of devastating entire city blocks.

Human dark with sugar: Brenda Shaughnessy -a very sensual poet who makes me want to drink too much and go into porn. Well, okay, maybe not that, but she definitely writes a lot of words for a certain kind of mood. She's very accessible and does for earthy sensual love what others I read aren't so hot at.

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