Thursday, August 6, 2009


Still swamped lately...

T.D. Jakes -Shayne Lee : A not particularly in-depth, a little sloppy, but eventually biting biography of South Charleston-born preacher turned televangelist T.D. Jakes. There was some information, though a lot of it was pretty sketchy, but ultimately I barely got a sense of the man. I got the impression Lee was proud of Jakes accomplishments, but not so crazy about what they actually were.

The Perpetrators -Gary Phillips: I picked this one up because it looked like a high-octane, hard-boiled sort of adventure story. It's that, but it sucks. The book is on par with an S&M porn novel I found in the trash once, only with much less heart. The dialogue isn't believable. The characters verge on comic book parody (which Phillips evidently writes. This fact alone made me want to cry. I like comic books). The scenes are contrived, at best, and the plot moves along like an 8-bit video game. This is shit fiction at it's worst.

I only finished the thing because it was short.

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