Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Emo McSourpuss

I'm going to move 2008 into the win category. Where I failed, I'm disappointed. It would have been nice to have a vacation that didn't feel like a short trip to the 5th circle of Hell. I made far more trips to the local Chinese restaurant than I ever did to the gym. I didn't keep in touch with the people I should have, including my grandmother, my parents or anyone except a few friends from high school, who mostly kept in touch with me. I've gotten skittish about dragging the people I care about into what amounts to my serial misadventures. I unload some on the blog, but the truth is it's hard to burden others with more clouds when they have enough gray in their skies.

I save that for you people. Some of you love watching me twist in the breeze. It's okay. I like writing about it. It's gallows humor among friends.

But... there were some high points. I finished my book. I sent it off to agents. There is a wall of rejection notes (some of them pretty funny in their callousness) to prove it. I started another and I'll be damned if I won't finish it. I managed to read a bunch of good books. I'm now a fan of Cormac McCarthy and Haruki Murakami.

I did a reasonable job as a father and a husband. I did the right thing more times than not. I worked fewer nights than ever before and spent more time with my family. I opened my home and gave refuge when it was needed. I was and am proud of my wife for taking night classes and proud of my daughter for trying to join the band. I let myself be amazed by the wonder and innocence of a three-year old. I also accepted the inevitability of the milestones that have to happen as you get older.

I played video games unapologetically, read comic books and never, ever felt cheated when I gave a man a dollar on the street. I flew. Sure, it was to Cleveland, but it was an experience long overdue. I opened a savings account. I wrote a couple of good articles for the paper. I grew a beard (but hated it). I had a couple of really good cheeseburgers and one decent steak.

I lived a little and learned a lot.

I finish this year grateful to a number of people. In the magical fun house world of blogs, thanks to Donutbuzz and The Film Geek, to Reverand Elvis Drinkmo and to Moneytastesbad. Thanks to Buzzardbilly and Barbiegirl. Thanks also to HippieKiller, RagingRed and to Jay (damn you, Jay. Damn you to hell). Some of you, I know your secret identities... some of you I don't. It doesn't matter either way. Thanks to my old friend, Jody, who looks more and more like a serial killer every year and to my almost old friend, Corey, who hasn't changed at all. Thanks to Amy, in the desk behind me, who puts up with my silly shit and for my buddy Amy in North Carolina who keeps me company with her endless supply of e-mail quizzes. Thanks also to Melanie, who has my back and would probably knee cap somebody if I asked her to. Thanks to my family, especially the ones I haven't mentioned.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever whacked out religion you tend to follow. Thanks for 2008.


zen said...

no. my friend, thank you.

The Film Geek said...

"Emo McSourpuss" is a great title! Thanks. I hope 2009 continues the trend.

Hoyt said...

Thanks, Bill. Here's hoping '09 works out even better than '08 for everyone.

Amy said...

Thanks, dork, but I'm in SC, not NC. Was that too many commas?

~Amy in SC (who is now off to find you another quiz!)