Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nose to the grindstone

First, a foremost, to the Obama supporters... congrats on your guy winning. While I voted for the man, I wouldn't call myself a supporter -just another cog in the system. I took no pleasure in casting my vote. It was just something I had to do, like floss.

The upside is the currently whacked out Republican party took a much-need spanking. Maybe they'll come back with something in two years that isn't abortion, gay marriage or putting Jesus on the eight dollar bill. Say what you want. The Republican Revolution in the 90s and the Contract with America had some good ideas.

Second, the word count for my November novel is 11,600. It's a fair start, slowed by an over-interest in last night's election coverage. I'd like to be at double that by next Wednesday.

I'll post my promised list of five people I'm sending my book off to, but later today. The list is incomplete currently.

I have gotten a couple of polite rejections. The best, so far, was from a guy in California who sent back my query letter, but penned a note at the bottom, telling me it wasn't really his kind of thing.

I'm really starting to think I'm doing it wrong, but... I sort of expected to get shot down a lot before I got on base. It's disheartening and disappointing, but I guess if I wanted to do something easy, I'd just make grilled cheeses for a living. I can do a pretty good grilled cheese.

So, I'll hit the library today, research cover letters and maybe try revising my synopsis. Fuck, maybe I'll start sending random coupons I get from off my desk -stupid bribes to beg these fuckers to read my book. I've got two for some shitty coffee from McDonalds and one from chick-fil-a.

This actually may be a plan, not a good plan, but it's a plan.

The list for who is getting the book queries this week:
Shannon O'Keefe
Aaron Priest
Susan Ann Protter
Helen Rees
Scott Gould.


moneytastesbad said...
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moneytastesbad said...

OK, I don't like being the bad guy here, but....

I think you were supposed to be making a post last Wednesday?

You did ask us to "keep you honest".

primalscreamx said...

Fair enough. Last week I didn't get my shit together and I was flat broke. So, this week, I owe twice as many out... and I owe you the seven bucks or whatever in postage for calling me on it.