Friday, September 19, 2008

Races with Eyore #1

So, this thing about the Jefferson Jackson Dinner...

Um... yes, the Democrats are ignoring West Virginia.

Obama's camp said they would. Call it one campaign promise they're doing their best to keep.

Wanna know why? Because if Obama were to come here, what would every article say within the first two paragraphs? What would every national newscaster say inside the first 30 seconds?

That he lost the primary here by 41 points to Hillary Clinton. The articles and reporters might mention issues of race or they bring up some lingering difficulty connecting with rural, white working class voters. Both are true. Others, like me, would mention that he didn't bother to campaign here, which is also true. Stepping inside the state picks a bunch of scabs and emphasizes problems the Obama campaign really hasn't overcome or really tried to.

So, yes, the Democrats are ignoring West Virginia... big time. Sure, they're spending money on campaign offices and staffers. It really isn't the same thing or even a reasonable substitute for a couple of speeches delivered in the coal fields. The money is the equivalent of a ten foot pole.

All of this doesn't change how I feel about Palin. I'm still voting against her.


Jay said...

Cool Title. Seriously, Bill, I'm glad you can take my BS 'cause it in no way is meant with malice.

Rock Write On.

primalscreamx said...

I could even handle malice as long as you're funny, which you are. You say the damnedest things.

Jay said...