Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Under New Management

39,500.... 10,500 to go.


Raging Red said...


Jackie said...

Yeah Bill, what the hell?!?

primalscreamx said...

Let's just say it's a story. It's not a particularly pleasant story, but a story. Sticking with my commitment not to blog until the end of the month, that's all I can say here.
By the way... my count is at 42,000 words on the novel. As expected, 50,000 will not finish it, but will at least put me in the right place.
Hope thanksgiving was cool for everyone.

primalscreamx said...

The count is 47,826. I still have a couple of days left. I might even clear it by Tuesday morning... This is as far as the 50K. Finishing is another matter. I still need another 30,000 words to actually end it.
I can't do that in five days, but am optimistic I can maintain my pace and finish in another 2 weeks. I'm hoping to have an acceptable monster to work on by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Just past the full moon,
"An Acceptable Monster."
A great title, no?


primalscreamx said...

I'm leaning toward either

"Secret Messages"

And I'm at 49,600.

Today at lunch, I'll hit my 50 K, but I won't be stopping.

Anonymous said...

Winner! Happy 'bout your wrimo!
We did it! Over 50k, though
You and me don't stop just there.
I'll bet your novel's something rare.


primalscreamx said...

Don't know if it's rare. I do weird and hopefully funny. On Saturday, when my gag order is off, I will post a small excerpt from it.
This will be the only excerpt from the book, until whatever happens after the thing is finally cleaned up.
Thanks P for sticking with me on this. It helped having you along.

Anonymous said...

Catch up, people. He's writing.

jenlynch said...

good work on the novel!

primalscreamx said...

51,500 and still working. Tonight, maybe we break 54,000... and I will post new stuff to the blog, Saturday night.
It's been a strange month.

primalscreamx said...